Queensland Palmistry Guild

Estabished in 1978

The Queensland Palmistry Guild was set up in 1978, and adopted this name around 1987. The Queensland Palmistry Guild exists for Palmists only, i.e. persons who have learned to read hands and who are interested in contact with other Palmists. It holds monthly meetings at which handprints are examined, ideas are discussed, and research is instigated. Seminars are also organized. The Guild does not have a formal constitution, or a formally elected committee. By general agreement of the members, Colin Phillips acts as convener of meetings and main spokesperson for the Guild. Similarly, Sean Bennett undertakes many administrative tasks for the Guild. Several of the Palmists in the Guild offer private consultations on a professional basis. Others work as representatives of the Guild in Restaurants and elsewhere offering short readings at moderate prices. The Guild owns a fine medieval style tent, which is used at the Caboolture Medieval Festival. However, these commercial activities are not the main focus of the Guild, which exists primarily to foster exchange of ideas and the study of Palmistry.