Get to know the members of The Palmistry Guild and see who is most conventiant and suits you.

Members Info
Debra Morris
Debra is based in the Sandgate area and covers a range of modalities including Reikki and Palmistry.
Moira Hall
Moira is based in the Shailer Park and Logan Village area and adds mediumship , Animal Communication and encaustic wax art reading to her skills at Palmistry.
Patti Barton
Patti lives in the southern Gold Coast area. She has published a palmistry book, available on Amazon in Kindle edition as well as hard copy, called "Patti's Palmistry - a Handbook on Hand Reading". She specialises in the Hand Analysis perspective which involves decoding fingerprints for life purpose readings. Patti consults and also offers workshops in hand reading.
Phone No. 0429 990 819
Sarah Yip
Sarah is a professional palmreader and psychic, who works via phone and Skype from Brisbane. She also teaches palmistry and numerology. See or find her on facebook as The Numbers Queen.
Sean Bennett
Sean lives in central Brisbane area and has been reading hands for twenty years. He understands Tarot but prefers to stick with Palmistry.